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  • khuyến mãi tiền cược miễn phí 2020

    Read our blueprint for BC's recovery

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  • BCFED welcomes WCB decision on presumption, lls for faster implementation and more complete coverage

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  • Resources for workers during COVID-19

    Understand your rights, and get the information and supports you need.

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Latest News

We celebrate Pride in 2020 at a distance from each other. But that doesn’t diminish our solidarity with LGBTQI2S community members within our unions, in our province and around the world. In a year where protests have brought so many to the streets to oppose racism and violence, we begin by...
(Unceded Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam territories — Vancouver, BC) — With employers gaining a newly-extended temporary layoff period, the province must now ensure those laid-off workers have the right to return to their jobs when the layoff ends, BC Federation of Labour president...
June 21 is a day to recognize and celebrate First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. And while we celebrate Indigenous peoples, we must also recognize that these continue to be difficult and painful times. The promise and hopes for reconciliation raised over the past few years have often failed to...

The BCFED and you

  • BCFED Health and Safety Centre

    The OH&S Centre n help meet your occupational health and safety training needs.

    Prevention Through Edution
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  • Good jobs are Green jobs

    The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy.

    That's why the BCFED has partnered with the environmental movement to create Green Jobs BC.
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